The Weekly Roundup

It’s Sunday and I’m lazy and didn’t get out of bed until mid-day, so i haven’t seen anything that has annoyed me or made me think. In fact, this whole afternoon I’ve spent watching South Park and bitching about how there’s four jobs in Scotland and three of them are cleaning jobs. So things to write about are a bit thin on the ground.
So here I’m just going to round up the best stuff I’ve seen this week. It’s great being a hack writer sometimes.
Have you ever wanted to make your own pulp magazine covers? Of course you haven’t, Jesus Christ, why would anybody in their right mind want that? Well now you can!
I’m willing to bet the original intention of this was to give terrible fan-fiction writers and steampunk enthusiasts (ooh, you glued a gear to an iPhone, how creative!) a way to make covers for their crappy literary outpourings. Nevertheless, it lends itself to mildly-amusing story titles. In many ways it reminds me of funny articles a pal of mine made for a fake magazine called “Foof”, which I might get around to showcasing one of these days. Anyway, I played around with the pulp-o-mizer and made a few.
Voyager 1 & 2
I love Voyager 1 and 2. Do you know how badass it is to strap an LP to a radar dish and a nuclear reactor and fling it into space? It’s safe to say that Voyager 2’s twitter feed is the most interesting feed that has ever, or will ever exist. Even though I know it’s not the actual Voyager, tweets like “Adjusting my sun sensor bias to better point my High Gain Antenna at Earth: SS BIAS CONTROL YAW 4+168 (AACS:AC7SSB)” have the power to remind you of the fact that there’s a computer out there that has less power than the smartphone in your pocket, and it’s fourteen hours of light-travel away from us! It’s going to outlast the human race, and even the sun itself! That’s cool.
The best name for a family attraction ever. Oh America, I love you.
The Star Wars Gangsta Rap Special Edition
I was fifteen when a friend showed me this and eight years later it’s still brilliant. It was on Newgrounds. Hey, remember Newgrounds? And Albinoblacksheep? And Remember when loading a flash video took minutes instead of seconds? Remember life before youtube? Jesus, kids today, you don’t know you’re born.
This Jobhunting Comic
If this was any more true it wouldn’t be funny *weeps*.
Lifehacker Is Eight!
 xlarge (1)
Lifehacker is one of the best websites around. There’s a lot of crap but it offers some genuinely insightful articles, such as the one that teaches you how to break into anything, or how to stick it to the man, or how to fill drawers more effectively.  It’s a truly great website that offers alternative ways of doing things, improving productivity or just trying something different.
This Was Also The Week I Rediscovered Boob Gifs
Ahh, the internet before porn videos. I am starting to feel my age.
1bouncyboobie4hz112kn  1333432290026
I think that’s it for now, but there’s still enough Sunday left to find something new. Here’s to a new week on the internet.

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