It’s here! It’s now! It’s the unofficial book launch!


Good golly gumdrops and gracious me – it’s here at last. You may remember that I’ve written a little something and want to pass it around. Playing Doctor is going live on Amazon Kindle, the iBook store, Sony, Barnes & Noble and a whole bunch of others (thanks to Smashwords) in the next 24-48 hours, presumably after the robots have checked to make sure it’s not the word “tits” ten thousand times in a row. So here’s your opportunity to get it for free -as I explained here, I’m all about giving back to the community.

Here’s a brief description:

The edge of the world: California in the 90s. Francis Stern, eminent psychologist, is an unhappy man. Locked in a loveless marriage and crippled by anxiety, he suffers in silence. His mind and body are slowly failing him.

Enter Victor Hyde, a mysterious outsider developing a radical new treatment: a dangerous, untested surgical procedure. With one operation, all of his problems will be solved. Frank jumps at the chance.
But Frank is being manipulated, and he will find that playing doctor is more dangerous than he can imagine.
A dark drama set on the sunny east coast, Playing Doctor jumps between the narratives of three people bound together as they explore the darkness in their souls, and what it means to live in a world of monsters.
 And here’s how you get your copy.
1: Pick your file format. There are several different versions. The PDF you can read on your computer, tablet or a smartphone. The .epub can be read in the iBooks app the gets bundled with Apple iOS 5+. The .prc is the file format the Kindle/ Kindle app uses.
2: Click the link to download. It’s being hosted on my Dropbox site, so depending on demand support might be spotty.
3: For PDFs , open the file and read with your eyes translating the symbols into phonemes and interpreting them as concepts with your brain.
For .epub and .prc, you need to navigate to the apps bar of iTunes and upload the file. I don’t know what you do with Android. Presumably some pretty easy thing that makes Apple look like a bunch of dunces. I know, iPhones are lame, give it up already. To add the file to your Kindle, connect the Kindle to your PC, click “open folder to view files”, and then drag and drop the .prc file into the Kindle’s “Documents” folder.
4: Read and digest the story. Then when it goes live you can give me glowing (or not so glowing) reviews on the links I’ll post.
5: Relax in the knowledge you’ve helped an indie author move forward. Yay for you! You’ve done your good deed for today.
And here are the links:
PDF (for PC)
EPUB (for iBooks)

PRC (for Kindle)


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