Blurbs and words

Blurb is one of my favourite words in the English language. Apparently it was coined by a humorist in 1907 as a made up word, like “quiz” or “sputtering gitfish” (that last is my own). Anyway, I’ve been trying for the past week to write a blurb for Playing Doctor that sums it up, and unfortunately I can’t seem to construct one without veering into self-parody. Here’s the most serious version I have so far:

The edge of the world: California in the 90s. Francis Stern, an eminent psychologist, is an unhappy man. Locked in a loveless marriage and crippled by anxiety, he suffers in silence. His mind and body are slowly failing him.

Enter Victor Hyde, a mysterious outsider developing a radical new treatment: a dangerous, untested surgical procedure. With one operation, all of his problems will be solved. Frank jumps at the chance.
But Frank is being manipulated, and he will find that playing doctor is more dangerous than he can imagine.
A dark drama set on the sunny east coast, Playing Doctor jumps between the narratives of three people bound together as they explore the darkness in their souls, and what it means to live in a world of monsters.
I think that’s the best I can do. I’ve also considered adding some made-up quotes, but again doing so borders on parody. If you’d like to give me a quote about a book you haven’t read, let me know. I’m thinking that one of the quotes should be “American Beauty meets American Psycho”, because that was the original pitch I wrote for myself when I was putting together the plot. It’s the sort of faux-hyperbole quote you find on Dan Brown-type novels. God damn that guy.
Anyway, writing progresses slowly, but I’m reasonably sure Playing Doctor is finished. I’ve read it through twice to check for errors and I’m pretty sick of the damn thing, so I guess I should stop procrastinating and just get it out there.
Not much left to add, so here’s a comic that made me laugh.
Oh spiderman!

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