Words Words Words

I’m tired. A combination of sleep-deprivation and editing has totally sapped my will to update today. That and I’m working on an article for cracked.com. I hear it pays good and it’s good practice. Cracked is one of those strange websites that mixes really clever writers with pretty guttural humour and ends up not being a mess. They used to write feature pieces but these days they focus more on list-type articles. You know, “five reasons fish are sadistic bastards” kind of thing, a trend I’ve noticed more and more. Is it because our attention span is decreasing or because we can only digest information in bullet points?

Who knows. It’s harder than it looks. I’m not sure I’m the right kind of funny for it, but it’s worth a shot. I’m adjusting my life philosophy to be this kind of “don’t say no” sort of things. Like that Jim Carrey film, you know? Me neither. Bad analogy.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I’m too tired to write any more. So have a nice day. Go away and look at nude pictures. Here’s a picture of Freja Behar Erichson. I figure she’s androgynous enough for both girls and boys to find sexy. Image



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