Fartistic Manifarto

After long deliberation I’ve decided how I want things to go from here.
It seems to me that the nature of production and distribution is changing and that people who are failing to adapt to the market are being left behind. The internet, p2p and free downloads are and always have been major game-changers in the flow of profits from creative works. And I know that films that represent major investments of time and energy on the part of writers, designers, and the fillers of all the roles required are being made available on torrent and p2p sites (WHICH I TOTALLY DON’T FREQUENT OKAY FBI GUYS).
That’s why I’ve decided, in my own small way, to aid the development of a new business culture in which the consumer has what economists call perfect information. That’s why I’ll be making my new book, and all future works, free to download from here. The exact same book will exist on all the major ebook sites, from Amazon (uk,us and de), iBooks, Barnes & Noble etcetera, where I will charge. But I cannot in good conscience expect open business practices from the movie industry without doing the same myself. And I do expect big business to adapt to the new paradigm, and it is unconscionable to expect a level of magnanimity from an entire industry without subjecting myself to the same rule of law.
So, from completion of Playing Doctor onward, everything I write and publish will exist here, in a choice of formats, for free. You’ll even be able (when I work out how to embed file variants) to choose from a range of formats, from .pdf, .epub and .mobi.
It could be argued, and I will agree, that I know I’ll never make a great deal of money from my writing. And that is true – at this stage in the game I write for it’s own sake or, as Oscar Wilde put it, “All art is quite useless. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely”. Writing a book is useless. It isn’t making a human being, solving a scientific problem, painting a great picture, designing a museum, building a table, or crafting a meal. It cannot be described as adding to the world in any sense other than it is adding to the great mass of words already written. But anything I produce is the product of long hours staring at a screen and a keyboard and an open window. It represents a catharsis, an expression, a struggle to overcome ennui and boredom and disillusionment. It represents the sole focus of thought of several months. It represents the best of my craft, such as it is. It represents a reason for being.
And if you like it maybe you’ll go to your online bookstore of choice and buy it. I don’t expect that – any more than I would expect you to buy a thousand copies, or a million – and I don’t ask that you do it. I expect that you’ll do what you think is right.
Viva la Revolución



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