The 2012 Playlist of a Self-Indulgent Prick

Here are some songs I liked in 2012.

( And a picture of the “Oh you!” dog meme – highlight of 2012 right there)


Cinema – Benny Benassi & Gary Go feat. Skrillex

This song has lots of weird associations for me which I won’t talk about. Instead, Benny (or Gary, or Sonny Moore), I’ll ask you : how is the phrase “you are a cinema” supposed to be endearing? Benny, when you say “I could watch you forever”, you don’t watch a cinema. You big tool. You watch movies in a cinema. When you say a girl’s a cinema what you mean is “I want to crawl inside her and eat popcorn”. You sick freak.

Somebody that I Used To Know (Bombs Away Remix) – Gotye feat. Kimbra

This song was everywhere. Like, literally everywhere, April through July. Which is astonishing because I didn’t hear it until July, and only as a “dubstep” remix. It’s not even really dubstep, it’s just some reverb over the top and a “wub wub” at the end. But it’s that odd thing where you hear the remix first and then the original and the original sounds incomplete for some reason. It didn’t need a dubstep remix, but there you are.

Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) – The White Stripes

Neither did “Seven Nation Army”, a song so perfect and beautiful that Jack White had to fuck it up by putting the big finish in the middle, leaving the last verse feeling like a lame add-on. Luckily the Glitch Mob came along and fixed that by making the song so noisy and random that you can’t hear it climax too early like a drunk seventeen-year-old at a leaver’s dance. Instead it sounds like two Rhinos fucking in a giant vat of crisps. Which is awesome.

Internet Friends – Knife Party

This song is creepy brilliance. And it’s so loud it makes my fillings rattle. “You blocked me on facebook… and now you’re going to die” might be a contender for the best lyric anyone’s written since Kurt Cobain died. The video for this song is messed up. Mark Zuckerberg does coke, which is something that was maybe missing from The Social Network.

Enough – Sonoio

I love Alessando Cortini and he can come and live in my shed any time and make disturbing, beautiful electronic music. I discovered his three musical projects, Sonoio, Modwheelmood and Blindoldfreak, because of Ladytron and Nine Inch Nails. He’s probably the most famous musician you’ve never heard of (he did that catchy riff for Muse’s single “Madness”, and is doing weird things with Gary Numan*) and he’s a genius.

*ha ha gay joke

The Last Day of Our Acquaintance – Sinead O’Connor

I don’t like Sinead O’Connor and if I ever hear “Nothing Compares 2 U” again I will go on a rampage the like of which the world has never known. It’s the song every lazy movie soundtrack guy puts in every lazy breakup scene in every lazy romantic comedy film ever made. Sinead O’Connor is so ’90s that even Seth MacFarlane, the touchstone of out-of-date pop culture references, made fun of her in Ted. But over the summer I fell in love with the book Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis (about a male model who gets trapped in a terrorist plot and everybody dies or do they? Is it just a lifestyle documentary? omg) and this song was used as a motif towards the end.

Truth be told, I don’t have any idea what this song is about. But she sounds really angry about it, and I like that.

Champagne Supernova – Oasis

Ditto the Glamorama thing. That book does actually have a pretty good soundtrack (just like American Psycho), and maybe I’d assemble it if I had the energy. This song plays when one of the terrorists has his arms and legs pulled off by some kind of torture device. Pretty, um, sinister, especially since the song seems to be about something nice. Maybe it’s not though. Knowing the Gallagher brothers it’s likely to be about drugs. Maybe “champagne supernova” is a sex thing. You know, like “golden shower”?

Common People – William Shatner

This is the point where I lose any street cred I’ve ever accumulated in my life and say that this is a better version than the original. Fuck you, Jarvis Cocker. Shatner’s the man.

Seventeen – Ladytron

Standout track of this year. It’s repetitive and largely meaningless, but Ladytron are a) known for catchy riffs and b) pioneers of everything good in electronica. They have that weird, voiceless asexual thing going on, like Kraftwerk did, but look at them. The Ladytron ladies are hot. And I don’t know what this song is about and the lyrics are vaguely disturbing (I think they’re about sexual exploitation), not to mention the video being downright disturbing, but I dare you, I double dare you to watch this video all the way through and not go away humming it. I had this on repeat September to November.

Pacific Coast Highway – Kavinsky

Kavinsky is the king of 80s revival electronic. I’m pretty sure he was involved in the Drive soundtrack from last year. Remember Drive? That film that was boring until Ryan Gosling kicks somebody to death, and then everything goes to shit? Apparently it was set in the eighties, but everybody had mobile phones. Go figure.

Anyway this song is the best synth-pop driving song of all time. It was great listening to this travelling back across France because a) I was in a car and b) Kavinsky is French. Yeah.

Hope you enjoyed my 2012 Playlist. If not you’re thinking “what a self-indulgent prick” (and you’d be right). Join us next year when I’ll be listening to Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding ironically and extolling the virtues of fusion jazz.


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