Earlier I was too ebullient to write anything proper – plus, my hands were aching. The last of the sessions is over. On Playing Doctor, at least. Tomorrow I’ll go over it and start the long, bloody process of editing it into something readable. That usually takes weeks and when I’ve written before I’ve often missed lots of typos and errors. I think this is because it’s easy to speed-read something you’re familiar with.
And good christ, is this a book I’m way too familiar with. I’ve made a couple of notes, as I’ve been writing.
a) This book is bleak. Really bloody bleak. I started it as a short story where it was cathartic, a kind of blood-letting exercise/exorcism. But it’s really dark and bleak and says a lot more about what I think about people in my darkest moments. That will need tailoring otherwise anyone woh reads it will slam it shut in disgust.
b) I cannot write sex scenes. I think it’s the prude in me. They will not appear in the final book. I wish I’d never tried. SHUDDER.
c)As I’ve written the characters have taken shape and evolved without my noticing. The party-boy character Vilayanur Hyde, for instance, evolves into this fucked-up roman catholic delusions-of-godliness kind of person. Which means I have to travel backwards and plant the seeds for that earlier in the story. He’s also Irish, despite having an Indian first name, which is real strange.
d) The name of the main character, Frank Stone, is really starting to grate on me. I wrote it as a “ha ha you’re so funny -_-” pun. Frankenstein = old germanic for “Stone of the Franks” = Francis Stone. Tee hee. I think I’ll have to change that.
e) There are only three characters. Everybody else is faceless, occupying only bit-parts. Which would make for a really great, cheap drama, but it makes it seem like they’re the only three people in the world. Actually, that’s kind of good, maybe i can expand on it.
f) The setting is a total mystery to me. It’s based on parts of New England and old England i’m familiar with, but it all seems to be the West Coast. I need to nail down a setting, even if I don’t specify. There’s just confusing clues randomly through the text.
g) Along with these, there are a hundred other problems with it. Which will take time to fix. So don’t exactly hold onto your hats.
But never mind. It’ll be ready soon-ish. Once I’ve nailed together a sample script I’ll start mailing agents and publishers. I don’t hold high hopes, but you never know.

Too many words, of course. So have a Dalek comic from a million years ago. I love Daleks.



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